Research and Development

Patents – New Developments – Intelligent Sealing Systems

Results of the development work so far are State-of-the-Art seals and bearing elements, patented worldwide, and still supplemented by new patent applications today.

Thus, everyone of the hydraulics experts was talking about our development of intelligent sealing systems besides the other pending patent procedures. With the externally adjustable sealing system 'EVD' it is possible to increase the sealing function and therefore the service life of a complete system considerably by manual or automatic pretensioning. There are more pending patent procedures in this connection with regard to intelligent wiper systems.

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This V-Packing Sealing System DMD-Tandem 2000 with the million times proved TDI seal and slide ring is made of the most modern high quality and wear-reistant plastics without fabrics. Speed up to 1 m/s can be achieved with this new HUNGER V-packing sealing system.



Research and Development is indispensable in a time where knowledge is doubled within a few years. For many years now we participate in research projects of various universities and advanced technical colleges and cooperate with the Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum (South German Institute for Plastics). We provide know how and materials, but also start up our own research projects. Examinations under continuous operation, review of manufacturing processes and also new developments are tested in practice and also simulated via computer technologies whereas not only German but also international institutes are involved.


We are engaged within the Research Fond of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation). The lead can only be held by the bundling and interplay of all forces.

The individual influencing factors like market requirements, manufacturing conditions, material flow and employee behaviour are steadily coordinated as far as possible and products are achieved that are fully developed and protected by patents.