"After the Second World War I cut rubber tyres out of old aircraft tyres and produced my first seals."
Quotation of the company founder, Dr. Eng. h. c. Walter Hunger

Many years later in 1977...

...there are increasing supply problems for seals for large Hunger cylinders. Walter Hunger reflects upon his many years of experience of the manufacture of seals and decides to invest in his own seal production. Within just two years the newly-founded company HUNGER DFE grows so rapidly that the original rooms provided for the cylinder works are no longer large enough.

The company therefore moves to Würzburg to an industrial building constructed according to their own designs. The fact that the company is close to the South German Centre of the Plastics Industry located in Würzburg, as well as the proximity of the Technical College which offers a course in plastics technology, has a synergistic effect on the innovative HUNGER DFE company in the research and development of new materials and production methods.

The results of the development work up to now have been new types of sealing and bearing elements, for which worldwide about 22 patents are granted. In the meantime a complete range of products for all applications relating to the sealing and guidance of cylinders has now been produced for over 25 years.

Spectacular Success

Following the "Challenger" disaster in 1987, Hunger DFE secured a research contract from NASA in order to avoid such disasters in future.

After having analysed the problem Hunger DFE had developed a new sealing concept which has been adopted by NASA.