Easy designing with CAD

Sealing profiles in DXF and DWG format available by mail. On request also available in 3D format.

The CAD-Catalogue comprises the most common elements offered by Hunger DFE GmbH. Besides the standard profiles you will also find some special dimensions, e.g. for the types TDI, TDA, TDMI, FI and FA.

In order to transfer the profiles into other CAD systems the files have been converted into the wide-spread DXF and DWG formats.

The seals and bearing elements have been designed in mounted condition within the installation space. An additional empty installation space has been attached to these elements except to O-Rings and OBVDs (Composite O-Ring Backring Seals). This additional installation space can be displaced to the opposite interface and afterwards adjusted dimensionally. In cases where this is not possible it is recommended to delete the empty installation spaces.

On request the 3D profiles (Solids) can be provided in various formats. The installation space is generated as a collection surface, as in a Solid this can easily be "deducted".

Request our 3D CAD profiles by email.