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Sealing Systems and Bearing Elements

Sealing and bearing elements play a definitive role in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in the interaction between the individual cylinder components. Over the past few decades Hunger has with great intensity pressed ahead with continuous development of existing sealing technologies. Distinctive characteristics of the patented Hunger sealing and bearing elements are the outstanding sealing effect with minimum friction and the exclusion of any metal-to-metal contacts within the hydraulic cylinder. Scoring on the piston rod and cylinder tube is therefore prevented, increasing the cylinder life. The basic materials used are high-quality plastics and elastomers, which are further refined using special processes. Additives improve the sliding properties and resistance to pressure and abrasion of the end products. Maintenance work during the operational life of the cylinder is considerably reduced.

Today Hunger DFE has at its disposal a wide range of skills in the development, project planning and manufacture of standard and special seals for numerous fields of application. Components for fixing electronic parts used in measuring technology and elements for plastic processing, chemical and plant engineering form just as much a part of the daily production range.



You will find us at:

20. International Sealing Conference Stuttgart

University Stuttgart

10.-11. October 2018


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BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention Center), KOREA

October 10 to 12, 2018

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St. Petersburg, Russia

March 20-22, 2018

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published by: "O+P Fluidtechnik" November 2018
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published by: "O+P" March 2017
author: Dr.-Eng., MBA Ingo Rühlicke - Head of Projekt-und Export department of Walter Hunger GmbH & Co. KG